Give Your Angels Assignments!
Psalm 103:20-22 (NKJV)

Bless The LORD, you His angels, Who excel in strength, 
who do His WORD, Heeding the voice of His WORD.
Bless The LORD, all you His hosts, You ministers of His, who do His pleasure.
Bless The LORD, all His works, In all places of His dominion.
Bless The LORD, O my soul!

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: 
but The LORD delivereth him out of them all.

Psalm 34:19

I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say that every one of us, or someone we know, is facing some kind of problem today—some kind of trouble we can’t escape without the help of God. For one person, that trouble may be a disease that medical science can’t cure. For another, it may be financial problems or a family crisis.

But no matter what kind of wall the devil has backed you up against, you can count on one thing: God has promised to deliver you. That’s right. The Word says the afflictions of the righteous are many, but The Lord delivers him out of them all. How I love the word "all" in the Bible!

Psalm 91:9-11 (The Amplified Bible) says, “Because you have made The Lord your refuge, and The Most High your dwelling place, there shall no evil befall you nor any plague or calamity come near your tent. For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you, to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service].”

God gives His angels charge over you. He charges them to protect keep minister to you.

“To me?” Yes, to you! Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. As Hebrews 1:14 (The Amplified Bible) says, “Are not the angels all ministering spirits (servants), sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?”

If you are an heir of salvation, angels are sent out in service to you. And their ministry can literally be a lifesaver. (Read about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 3.) I’ve noticed something about people whose angels supernaturally delivered them. They were faithful people.

If you need deliverance today, be faithful. You can do this with the words you speak. When you speak words of defeat instead of victory, the angels assigned to you are bound by your words of unbelief. They have been charged to hearken to God’s Word—words of faith (Psalm 103:20).

If you haven’t been getting the action you need in your finances, your health or any other area, look to your words. There’s no shortage of angel power, although you may be experiencing a shortage of Word power on your part.

Solve that shortage by putting God’s promises of deliverance in your heart and in your mouth. Continually give the angels The Word they need to protect you. When you’re tempted to discuss how bad your situation is...stop. Remember your great salvation. Remember the angels. Remember what God’s Word says about your situation. Open your mouth and set your angels free to minister to you!

Gloria Copeland
Set Your Angels Free!

But to which of the angels has He ever said:
“Sit at My right hand,
Till I make your enemies your footstool”?
Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth
to minister for those who will inherit salvation?
Hebrews 1:13-14  (NKJV)

It’s like a waitress who doesn’t prepare your meal, but she sees to it that you get what you asked for. The ministry of angels is released by us speaking in accordance with God’s Words and believing in their ministry. Also by being aware angels are here to help us. We need the ministry of angels and their protection in this world and in our lives.

A lot of times we’re letting our angels set around with their hands folded as they wonder when are these Christians going to put us to work? 

Jesus said you can have what you say if you doubt not in your heart. 

We must give God’s Word voice. Angels hearken unto the voice of God’s Word. (Ps. 103:20) Now they have something to act on! You have given them something to act on. 

They’re here also to assist and have God’s Will done for you here on earth. And what is God’s Will here on earth? It’s for us to be blessed, healthy and prosperous. Angels are not going to help us be unsuccessful by us speaking negative words. They’re just going to stand there because they have nothing to act on. Angels are activated by The Word of faith, which is The Word of God.

The angels opened the jail doors and let Peter out. (Acts 12:7) The angels delivered him and there work is still in the world today.

Focus on speaking God’s Word over your situation. The angels are always available to protect us who have asked Jesus into our hearts. We must recognize this. Don’t set things up for the devil by speaking death, this gives him the right to step in your life and bring these words of death to pass. Remember he is a fallen angel. Our angels will simply stand there wondering why you’re giving him an assignment.

We should say, “Father I thank You in The Name of Jesus You’re giving my angels charge over me and they lift me up lest I dash my foot against a stone. And no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I dwell in the secret place of The Most High. I abide under the shadow of The Almighty Who’s power no foe can withstand!”

If you don’t believe in the ministry of angels (Hebrews 2:1) you probably will have very little, if any, help from them unless someone else prays them in on your behalf.  What’s available to us today is no less then what was available to Peter, Isaiah and the Apostle Paul, who was singing and praying at midnight and the angels responded by shaking the jail doors open. (Acts 16:26)

Our word activate the angels or they bind them. Angels are in a different realm. They move rapidly and our eyes can not catch them. Like an airplane propeller, we can’t see through the propeller as it sits motionless. But once moving rapidly we can’t see the propeller any longer. We see straight through it. This is the same with angels. 
Charles Capps

The Angel and the Promises
Exodus 23:20-26
“Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.  Beware of him and obey his voice; do not provoke him, for he will not pardon your transgressions; for My Name is in Him.  But if you indeed obey his voice and do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.  For My Angel will go before you and bring you in to the Amorites and the Hittites and the Perizzites and the Canaanites and the Hivites and the Jebusites; (the demonites and the devilites)  and I will cut them off.  You shall not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do according to their works; but you shall utterly overthrow them and completely break down their sacred pillars.
“So you shall serve The LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you.  No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days.

How To Put Your 
Angels To Work!
Don't Provoke Your Angels!

For he shall give his angels 
charge over thee, 
to keep thee in all thy ways.

Psalm 91:11

It's time to set the record straight. Angels are not kid stuff. They're not little fat babies with long blonde hair and bows and arrows in their hands. Angels are big, strong warriors. They are real. They are powerful. And, if you are a believer, they are a vital part of your life.

We see examples of what angels can do all through the Bible. For instance, when the children of Israel were fleeing from Egypt with Pharaoh's army hot on their heels, the Bible tells us that suddenly the wheels on the Egyptians' chariots got fouled up. They just quit rolling!

Who do you think caused that? The angels, of course!

They haven't retired since then either. Angels are at work today just as they've always been.

A few years ago in one of Israel's major wars, the enemy had their guns trained on Israeli cities. Those guns were the finest military equipment money could buy. They had a range of at least 20 miles and were equipped with electronic gun sights for accuracy.

But something very odd happened. Every time they fired those guns at the Israelis, they either overshot or fell far short of their targets. We know there was nothing wrong with the guns because later the Israelis captured them and fired them back at the enemy with perfect success.

What happened? Angels, that's what!

My friend, that isn't just a fairy tale. That's a real-life example of the involvement of angels in the lives of God's people today. And, if you're a child of God, then you have a right to expect God's angels to do the same kind of things for you.

So, start expecting! Say, "Thank You, heavenly Father for giving Your angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways." Once you've spoken that word of faith, stand fast. Don't fear. Don't waver. Just be patient and keep believing, and you will surely see the salvation of the Lord.
Kenneth Copeland
"A Word About Angels"

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

– Hebrews 1:14

Most of us heard about our guardian angel when we were just children; and, in those days, it was a comforting thought. With monsters lurking behind the closet door and creepy things crawling beneath the bed, it was good to know that someone was there to protect us when the light was out.

But, as the years passed, we outgrew our childhood fears. The imaginary creatures that had once seemed so real disappeared from our minds--and sadly enough, for most of us, the angels did too.

But angels are not just kid stuff. They're powerful spirits sent forth to minister for us who are heirs of salvation.

The word salvation in Hebrews 1:14 is from the Greek word soteria meaning deliverance, preservation of material, and temporal deliverance. Think about that! God has created vast numbers of gloriously powerful spiritual beings for the express purpose of protecting us and delivering us from the evils of this world.

And remember, according to Psalm 103:20, the Word of God is what puts those angels in action. So when you're in trouble, don't cower and cry about how awful things are. Speak the Word! Give your angels something to respond to. Then be patient and let them have time to work. They'll get their job done.
Kenneth Copeland
Are Angels Just For Kids?
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