From November 7, 2008, to November 16, 2008, I was BLESSED to be a witness and participant with Full Gospel Assembly Church in Prince Frederick, MD, for a Mission to Pennville, Dominica. The Mission was two fold, to have Vacation Bible School with the local children and to construct a NEW ROOF on a Church whose roof had blown off 17 years ago during a hurricane. The photo, upper right, is of the landscape as we approached the Island. The photo, lower right, is of the church building. As you can tell the people of Dominica do not have many resources, their main source of income are banana, grapefruit and other fruit crops. They are trying to get a tourist industry going. The education system is also growing. More and more children are going to school now. There is even a Medical University! The people have a good work ethic and are friendly. They also LOVE the LORD and are well versed in scripture.
There where eighteen members of The Mission Team. Seven members including myself and some of the local population built the new roof. The photos posted here are of the construction. I hope to have more photos soon of the "Vacation Bible School" because it was a huge success. Directly below are some scenery pictures that really do not do justice to the beauty of this island, but even the beauty cannot hide the poverty. Like I said before "resources" is what they lack.
In the photo below on the left you can see the basement door to where they had been holding services. Below right is the inside, as you can see it's a very small area. Our LORD though is NOT confined to spaces and these people are FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT!
                                 PRAISE THE LORD!

Below are some of the construction photos I took. There are more pictures that others have taken and I will post them here, but I wanted to get this on the website as quickly as possible. Later I will put names to the people you see and I have a testimony about the works of GOD That You Do Not Want To Miss!!!      Notice anything in the window?
The poorest person in the world is not the one
without a nickel; it's the one without a dream! Jesse Duplantis of Jesse Duplantis Ministries
The Past Never Sees The Future! 
Don't give up on Life - don't give up on your Dreams. 
Are you still breathing? Then you still have the potential to dream.
You can still get ideas, and you can still act on those ideas and
accomplish something in your life. I don't care how old you are. 
You can be a visionary and you can act on the ideas
and dreams GOD has put on your heart!  AMEN!
With GOD, you've got more than enough! Enough to do what? Enough to rock the boat and change the world!
We don't have the natural ability to do
We don't have the money to do
We don't have the time to do
We don't know how to do
We don't want to do
GOD'S Master Plan for your life
will challenge you to do WHAT:
BUT GOD makes the impossible possible!
Only as men become Godlike and holy do they become real men.        -Smith Wigglesworth
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